Intimacy with God. “What does that look like to you?”, asked a friend. There is much more to it than one conversation, but like many profound things, it seems too simple: just talking, hanging out, being with Him, like we would with a beloved friend.

Of course God is much more than a friend, and the implications of this most intimate relationship is a continual discovery.

Among the most important aspects are running to Him first to share our thoughts and to fill our love tank, which are crucial to building and maintaining intimacy (not to mention sanity 😉) in our relationship with God (and as a result, our relationships with others.)

What came to mind when my friend asked was the everyday relationship: intentionally staying connected both on a constant heart level as well as taking time for focused one on one time, even on the crazy days – especially on the crazy days, but that’s another conversation.

As vital as connecting on crazy days is, ongoing plain old everyday connection is more vital for building intimacy for intimacy’s sake (which is an integral part of the foundation that bolsters us for the crazy days.)

I hit a simple but powerful relational milestone this morning when I awoke from a dream and automatically began interpreting it and then right in the middle of it I stopped and asked God what He thought of it.

Thankfully I have learned to habitually chat through situations with God throughout the day but catching myself in the middle of autopilot and simply asking Him directly rather than stopping and praying formally about the dream or figuring it out first and then asking, felt like a new level of connection, that it’s becoming increasingly normal in every context to instinctively connect on a close, personal level.

Just like an aspect of intimacy with God is simply being real with Him in the good the bad and the ugly, informally asking Him what He ‘thought’ of the dream (which is kind of funny since He obviously knows what it means 🤓) was again simply being real with Him, doing life together, just being together.

While I believe in always being aware of deeply honouring God, it’s amazing in more ways than I can express that He wants to be so close to us that we can just lean back on His chest and ask anytime, “What do You think?”

“There was reclining on Jesus’ bosom one of His disciples, whom Jesus loved”.

What does intimacy with God look like for you?