“If you knew how much you are loved you would behave differently”.

A former counsellor noticed this commonality in married couples: their misunderstandings were often rooted in not feeling loved.

As I reflected on this, the obvious became obvious: knowing or not knowing we are loved affects every aspect of our lives. This truth resurfaced while pondering another gripping statement:

If you are struggling with your old nature I wonder if you have really been born again.

It was the first time the empowering implications of the renewed nature were that clear to me (not the question of whether I had a new nature, but of fully appropriating this reality)… and associating this with the effects of knowing we are loved was mind (and heart ;)) blowing.

After believing for years that I would struggle till I leave this planet to live up to God’s perfect standards, it finally registered that being born again is literal – we actually receive God’s supernatural DNA, ridding us of our powerless human nature.

Interestingly, it was harder for me to believe I have the ability to rule myself rather than be ruled by behaviours I don’t even like, than for healing and miracles, etc. However even in experiencing that the impossible is possible, I asked myself, “Why am I embracing this life in the first place?”

Amazing as it is to live an empowered life, we still face temptations and hardships, in fact they may come at us harder than ever – even Jesus was tempted. (Luke 4:1-13)

In hard seasons what keeps me going isn’t the excitement of living an ‘impossible’ life or even ‘saving the world’.

What keeps me going is being overwhelmed by God’s love and goodness. Not just believing He loves me – but knowing this experientially as He meets me in everyday life is what makes all the difference.

John 6:66-69 says many of Jesus’ followers left Him when He said some hard things. But it says those who not only believed but intimately knew Jesus, knew there is no worthwhile life without Him.

Our part is to believe the unbelievable and to do life with the most incredible Person ever. Then the way we live will flow out of knowing how much we are loved.

You can redefine your external world by an internal experience of the Love of God“. Bill Johnson

Personal Reflection: Are there areas in your life where you haven’t felt/don’t feel loved/known/valued? Have you experienced the practical reality of being adopted by God and receiving His DNA?