About Hannah

My passion is to know and love God, become what I was born for, and to enjoy experiencing life with others along the way.

Knowing God and finding our purpose are two sides of the same coin: they both hinge on recognizing how God speaks and guides us in our day-to-day lives.

I have been studying, teaching, and continuously learning how to understand the language of God with the School of the Heart since 2006. This has been an exciting journey that has altered the course of my life in quite unexpected ways.

Another great passion is Divine healing – of mind, body, and spirit. I am always endeavoring to develop my capacity to administer God’s healing, and am thrilled at the prospect of seeing people (myself included) getting more free, healthy, and whole as we become increasingly who we were born to be.

Blogging has become part of the learning process as it heightens my awareness and helps sort things out. So has been reading about others’ experiences. I look forward to more learning and writing, reading, and sharing our journeys.

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8 thoughts on “About Hannah”

  1. Nice to “meet” you, Hannah. 🙂 I look forward to reading more.

  2. Hi Hannah.
    Thanks for following my blog. You have an interesting blog. Can’t to get into it.


  3. Havent seen you around in awhile–everything OK?

  4. Hi Hannah,
    Thanks so much for following my blog, “ARK to Christmas”. Unfortunately, that was a temporary blog. If you want to follow my current blog, it is at http://www.tickellexpressions.blogspot.com

    Tickell Expressions is my place to express my creativity and to connect with people who may or may not be followers of Christ.

    Blessings & hugs,

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