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Life doesn’t suck! That may be a no-brainer for y’all (we Canadians say ‘y’all’ an awful lot 😉) who already got that the Good News is the means to Kingdom Come right now, not only for ‘The End’ – I’m just grateful to have learned this sooner rather than later.

Soaking in Bethel’s heavenly atmosphere these passed weeks has been a continuous sigh of relief as the lies I’ve believed for so long are being blown away by God’s phenomenal Reality.

I knew I was feeling good, but it just now hit me that I’m no longer resenting my days and fearing life will be mainly overcast with a few sunny breaks until I finally get to the eternally perfect conditions in the ‘Sky’.

Now it makes sense… I was wondering why God keeps taking me to such beautiful places, first Sutton, Qc, now Redding, Ca – how was this supposed to help me identify with the poor and suffering?

But it hit me – Jesus told the disciples to feed the hungry, not to despair and starve with them! He brought His Kingdom to where they were and rocked their world, whereas I was thinking like any mere human – but that’s not who I or any of us is meant to be – we are made to be supernatural children of the Creator of the Universe!

I now see why God brought me to these places of encounter: to get my identity through to me so I can ‘represent’ wherever He sends me.

It’s not only okay for us to be outrageously hopeful in the midst of an afflicted world – it is necessary.

I’m hearing report after report of people being healed of ‘incurable’ illnesses, coming out of comas, etc., etc., etc., by being laughed over and sung over – joy is serious business!

“Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength”. (Nehemiah 8:10)

“You didn’t have a good day till you confronted the impossibilities of life and saw them yield and bow to the name of Jesus”. ~Bill Johnson