I jumped as the skeleton stared back at me. “Oh, yeah it’s halloween“. Engrossed in a movie (Finger of God), we’d long forgotten our prayers to be sent trick or treaters who were hungry for more than candy.

We opened the door to meet Prince*, Marc* and Lucio*, some teens who’d come looking for loot.  They oohed and aahed as tootsie pops dropped into their sacs and we asked if any of them needed a miracle. To our delight they beamed, “No, the lady across the street already healed his leg“. Now that’s my kind of town!

Did they want to ask God for anything at all? Still grinning, “No thanks, we’re good“. That’s when beautiful, sweet Sarah* trailed in, the tell-tale glow on her face broadcasting that the praying neighbor had surely caused her delay. “Any requests?”, we offered, but she couldn’t think of anything she wanted prayer for at the moment (I guess the bliss of God’s presence was enough) but she did welcome the hug offered her, then they were off to bag more booty.

As the door shut behind us, we rejoiced at the tingle in the air. The joy and hope filling their young hearts poured through their love-washed faces. Nothing like Love to create an atmosphere.

As we settled back into the movie, I realized what state I’d answered the door in! I howled with laughter as my disheveled reflection confirmed my suspicions: I looked perfect for the ‘scary’ occasion!

*names altered for privacy [while staying true to their nature :)]