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I’ve been having a recurring Aha! moment. Normally, learning the same lesson over and over would be distressing, but in this case, I’m loving it:

Where I am weak God is strong.

You may be thinking ‘D’uh’ instead of ‘Aha!’, if you’re familiar with this Scripture, but it’s like hearing “God loves you” hundreds of times; when it actually sinks in, it becomes the newest and best piece of news EVER…

I have celebrated God’s strength in my weakness many times over, but whenever I ‘rediscover it’, it delights me as much as the first. It almost makes forgetting this astoundingly delicious reality worth it:

Some newly discovered or annoyingly recurring shortcoming will slap me in the face (pretty much daily 🙂 ) and have me focusing on my lack rather than on God’s ‘LOT’. It’ll have me wrestling, sometimes pinned, and then, AHA! I’m up, even celebrating my weaknesses (well, almost), as they are precisely where God will not only be strong through me, but even use them to my benefit. (Romans 8:26,28) Mind Blowing!

Another facet of God’s turning our trials into triumph is His promise of vengeance for the underdog. In Isaiah 61:7, He proclaims good news to the poor, healing to the brokenhearted, liberty to the captives, AND, instead of disgrace, DOUBLE honor and DOUBLE portion, instead of confusion, REJOICING, not to mention EVERLASTING JOY. WOOHOO!!!

I have seen this at work in my own life. God has brought me through a journey of healing from fatherlessness, replacing rebellion, independence, and self-protection, with grateful trust and relieved dependence on the Best Father Ever, as well as freedom to share my heart and struggles to the point where I am still amazed when I remember how this used to make me choke.

As promised in Isaiah 61, heaviness has turned to celebration. Anyone who has ever been heartsick will beyond appreciate the significance of the transition into joy and peace

YAY! for ‘too good to be true’ grace and payback! How amazing it is to have Jesus, the shrewdest and kindest Lawyer, for a Brother, and the most perfect and loving Judge for a Father!

So, what are the trials (no pun intended 🙂 ) in YOUR life that our Loving Lawyer and Judicious Judge want to turn into triumph?