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Got drunk again today… I didn’t even realize I was drunk till someone told me.

I guess that’s partly why He’s called the Holy ‘Spirit‘ 🙂 . He was flowing, I drank deeply and, once again, that newly familiar buzz crept up.

I was describing to a friend how I was feeling after Bethel’s mind-blowing Healing Rooms training (where the bully named ‘Impossible’ is laughed to scorn by the Almighty). “It’s like when I get a really good massage; I get this warm, fuzzy feeling and I just want to curl up and bask in it”.

I’ve never heard it described quite like that before“, she remarked. “Never heard what described like that before“, I wondered. “Getting drunk“, she replied. “Oh, is that what it is…”  I thought it was my earth-bound head getting a working-over from all the heaven-borne goings on around me.

Maybe it’s both. Or perhaps they’re actually one and the same: the ‘drunken’ feeling a side-effect of the ‘medicine’, God’s Spirit, that is rewiring my mind. It’s like I’m floating on a higher level of consciousness.

My degree of joy, peace, and faith is astounding me. And it’s not just while I’m ‘drunk’ (or under the manifest influence of the Holy Spirit, if you prefer), it’s all the time.  Not that I think I’ve ‘arrived’ in any of these areas; in fact I see my need of God more than ever, because it’s obvious that it’s all because of Him.

Contrary to popular belief, I’ve found that being heavenly minded is a whole lot of earthly good – the deaf hear, the lame walk, and the cancer disappears!

It doesn’t get much better than that, at least not this side of Heaven.