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I have great news: my mom cracked a rib!!!

Okay, that’s not great news, but I’m getting to it…

I was miles away, trying to comfort her over the phone. I told her to put her hand on her rib, we ordered it to be healed, and guess what?

An untimely visitor interrupted us and we hung up.

Later on I remembered – hey I didn’t ask her if she felt better!

So I called her back and she told me that after we prayed she began shaking and she was stalling in her bedroom as she tried to stop it so her visitor wouldn’t freak out.

Now her rib is still a little tender but nothing compared to what it was.

Before we prayed she had a very hard time getting up from a sitting position and was afraid to sneeze or cough because it hurt so much (not sure why she would want to sneeze or cough anyway 🙂 ).

After praying getting up became much easier and while we were talking she coughed, so I asked if it hurt and she was like, ‘did I cough‘? She hadn’t even noticed!