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“You can be bolder”. It’s funny. God is urging me to do everything I grew up being told not to do: laugh in church, talk to strangers, lose control, be ‘drunk’, rest more, quit striving, follow my heart rather than doing what I think ‘I’m supposed to do‘…

Now He is telling me to be bold.  As usual His timing is perfect: my heart was heavy with feelings of helplessness and my non-response to an elderly lady who was struggling to walk around with a cane in each hand. My entire being screamed, “THIS SHOULD NOT BE!”. But, still quite green in all this Divine healing stuff, I walked away discouraged.

Replaying the scenario in my mind, I could not shake off her image and the certainty that there is something to be done. These thoughts were interrupted by a friend telling me that she felt like God is encouraging me to be bolder. YES!!! I felt it was no coincidence that she spoke those words at that very moment: it was the confirmation I needed – license to go out and expect the impossible.

I no longer had to fear building up people’s hopes only to let them down in case ‘God didn’t show up’. He told me to be bold, so I can boldly expect Him to ‘do something’. The practicality of how to walk this out is no longer an issue either:

The common denominator in all I’ve been picking up on the subject of Divine healing: my job is to go out and love people – God’s job is to do the rest. This has completely changed my perspective – I can now approach even the most impossible looking situations with full confidence that I CAN do something – I can love them: smile, say hi, offer a helping hand… and open the door for whatever The Healer wants to do.

“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need”. (Hebrews 4:16)