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I’ve been saying things I don’t mean; it’s my voice, but not my thoughts. I’ve been calling myself on it a lot lately, so I clued in that yet another toxic habit is on it’s way out. Yahu!

It’s kind of freaky to witness the inner dialogue between the real me and the protective shell that developed over the years: hearing negative words shoot out of my mouth and thinking, ‘Why’d you say that for? You don’t even believe that!” At least not any more…

Though it’s humbling (not a bad thing :)) to amend these foibles, my heart is increasingly wanting to love rather than save face. How liberating! May I be overcome by this love and completely free of preserving my ‘image’. Vanity is so ironically ugly!

I don’t see righting these wrongs as an indication of failure so much as clearing out the rubble of battles won: I’m becoming more proficient at recognizing and eradicating ‘stinkin’ thinkin’, so it’s a matter of resetting my default responses…

Does that make sense?

“Our weakness lies in always wanting to vindicate ourselves”.~Oswald Chambers