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I get so excited when people I love finally meet! This got me thinking… That’s how God anticipates the perfectly orchestrated moment in time when He brings together His children from far and wide and intermingles their lives.

This has shed a whole new light on how I see the people around me. Whether they’ve been in my life forever, for a season, or only an hour – I wonder: do I see them as the carefully chosen gifts from God that they truly are?

What about those ‘love-hate’ relationships where we annoy the toxins out of each other? Will I choose to slaughter my sacred preference of how to replace the toothpaste cap or will the person in front of me get the ax… Do I appreciate what these divinely mundane encounters are producing in me day-by-day like no heroic feat can?

Someone said that being kind to people we see once in a while is good; being kind to someone who’s in our face day in, day out? That’s LOVE…

Thank-You Father for these hand-picked relationships that bring out the best and worst in me (and I in them). Thank-You that You are the Master Craftsman, expertly wielding Your most perfectly suited human chisels to sculpt us into Your image and chip away everything that would mask the masterpiece of Your marvelous creation.